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Christopher Burell

CEO & Founder

Welcome to InspireU Coach, where our mission is to unlock potential and inspire growth. Since our inception in 2006 as InspireU Life Coach®, our journey has been one of evolution and impact. I embarked on this venture with a single goal: to empower individuals to pursue their passions with vigor and vision. Today, we continue to embody that foundational spirit, offering a suite of services that includes consulting, training, and personalized coaching.

Our clients' success stories are our greatest accolades, and we cherish the role we play in helping them reach new heights. As our expertise expanded, so did our offerings. It began with life coaching, which soon blossomed into workshops, organizational consulting, and navigating complex professional landscapes. The professional consulting and coaching firm you encounter today is the culmination of years of dedicated growth and adaptation.

I bring over twenty years of executive management and professional development experience to the table. My career has seen me take on titles such as CLO, CMO, Managing Director, and VP, but none as fulfilling as "Coach." Trust is the cornerstone of coaching, and it is a privilege to foster that trust and guide others toward their aspirations.

Whether I'm coaching, consulting, or training, my approach remains consistent: to honor the individuality of each person and their unique journey. My purpose is to leave everyone I encounter more inspired and better equipped for success than before our paths crossed.

I've had the honor of contributing to a diverse array of sectors, including private, public, government, and non-profit organizations. Despite their differences, they all share a universal truth: their people are their most valuable asset. By nurturing individual growth, we not only elevate organizations but also drive tangible results.

Beyond the Office

Life's richness extends beyond professional pursuits. Residing in the vibrant metro Atlanta area, I relish moments spent with family and friends. Away from the urban buzz, I retreat to our serene farm in North Georgia, where the rhythm of nature offers a tranquil counterbalance to a coach's pace. Here, among the rolling hills and under the vast mountain skies, I find a grounding reminder of the simple yet profound joys of life.

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Auburn University

Masters of Public Administration

Certificate of Non-Profit Management


Auburn University

Bachelor of Arts - Public Administration

Coach Training Alliance

Maxwell Leadership

Georgia Real Estate Commission

Georgia Real Estate Commission

Certified Maxwell Leadership Speaker, Instructor, & Coach

Licensed Instructor

Licensed Associate Broker

Certified Life Coach

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