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Chris Burell, Founder of InspireU Coach


I started InspireU Life Coach® in 2006 as a way to live out my passion and my talent.  In 2006 with the help of a great mentor and coach, I discovered my gift - "An innate ability to help individuals and companies grow and build talent."

What evolved was the creation of this company in order for me to share those skills with others.  So often times I am asked if leadership training and coaching work. My answer is always the same, YES.  The reason I know is because I am a product of what I teach.  I have seen the results first hand in my life.  You see, I believe that learning, skill development, and leadership are infinite, you will continue to grow throughout your life time.

I truly do work each day to gain new insight into what causes us to excel in our work, our families, our relationships, our communication.  Each new client and each new workshop brings new prospective on these issues.  I find that I learn as much from my clients and participants as they do from me.  Knowledge is power and I love seeing others embrace opportunity.


I grew up as a military brat and appreciate the diverse opportunities that provided me with as a child.  That experience help round me into the person I am today.  I attended Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama and obtained both my BA and my MPA from Auburn.  In conjunction with my MPA, I gained a Certificate of Non-Profit Management.

I have worked in City Government, the Non-Profit Sector, the Federal Government and the Private Sector.  These experiences have taught me the differences in all work sectors and helps me tailor my training and coaching to fit the unique needs of each environment.


Certified Life Coach - Coach Training Alliance

John C. Maxwell Certified Coach/Speaker/Instructor - John C. Maxwell Company

Licensed Real Estate Instructor - Georgia Real Estate Commission

Georgia Real Estate License - Georgia Real Estate Commission

Certificate of Non - Profit Management - Auburn University


Bachelors of Arts - Public Administration - Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama

Masters of Public Administration - Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama

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